Partner Application Form

Please fill out and submit the application form below. If approved as a Partner, we will create a website user account for you which you can then use to create content for your site. We will e-mail user account information to you upon approval. If approved, we will automatically subscribe your e-mail address to our mailing list to receive the Get Outdoors Florida! Newsletter.

By submitting this application to be a partner you agree to abide by the below Guiding Principles when participating under the Get Outdoors Florida! brand.

Guiding Principles:
All Get Outdoors Florida! sanctioned activities should:

  • Be safe for all participants
  • Be accessible and inclusive
  • Be fun and enjoyable
  • Provide opportunities for learning and discovery
  • Contribute to mental and physical health and well being
  • Be environmentally sustainable
  • Provide opportunities for environmental service
  • Build a sense of stewardship among participants
  • Build respect for all activities that are consistent with these principles
  • Display the Get Outdoors Florida! Logo and distribute appropriate materials
  • Be scheduled on the Get Outdoors Florida! Web site and report results (at minimum attendance via the Web site)