Activity Tips

Activity Tips 

Here you will find tips on all sorts of things for kids, families and mentors to do from their backyard, to local parks, to world-class state parks and federal nature reserves. Whether you just want to take a nature walk, learn to bird watch, fish for a bream or seek or a trophy sail fish, their are tips galore.

Here's a quick list of links to various sites around the state for active nature-based recreation around the state:

Wildlife Viewing, Freshwater Fishing, Hunting, State Parks, State Forests, State Trails, Federal Refuges in Florida, Federal Recreation areas in Florida, Florida County Parks, Forests and Parks, Take Me Fishing--Florida, Florida Boat Ramps, Equestrian Trails, Paddling Trails, Florida Zoos.

If you plan to put on an event of your own, please check out the resources at Best Practices.

Backyard birding
See the Great Florida Birding Trail Site for lots of tips.
Another good site is the Bird Education Network.  See Draft National Bird Education Strategy.
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Florida is the "Fishing Capital of the World" because it provides a diversity of fish and abundance of places to fishing year round. Moreover, fishing is an inexpensive pastime that is considered a primary gateway to other recreational activities. See Take a Kid Fishing".
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See the what Florida's state and commercial forests have to offer. See State Forest Recreation at a glance.
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Exercising while relaxing
See the Florida Recreation Site for more.
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Take a Hike
See the Florida Hikes Site for lots of tips.
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Visit a State Park
See the Florida State Park Site for lots of tips.
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100 things
Work in a Garden
The "Grow Healthy School Garden Project" provides tips for school, community or back yard gardens.
See DOE/DOH Resource Guide, FWC Schoolyard Habitats Program, Gardens for Wildlife, and Let's Move School Gardens
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